Is Dance really for me?

You don’t need to have danced professionally to enjoy dance. Everyone loves to dance. As soon as the music starts let yourself go. There is a dance style for everyone, if you want to try a slower pace why not give ballroom dancing a go or if you fancy trying something a bit more up tempo how about street dance?

Dancing is a very social sport and learning a new skill and dance moves can be extremely rewarding. It is a fun workout and you can make some new friends at the same time. The majority of dance classes are done indoors so whatever the weather you can dance. Dance classes are a great way to try dancing for the first time and then you can practice your moves at home with friends

What are you waiting for? Get moving.


The cost of dancing varies depending what type of dance you want to try. Most dance classes are around £5 and some you have to book for a course of classes which can work out cheaper. If you want to try a new dance many places in Leeds offer ‘taster’ sessions and beginner classes which are a great way to try it for the first time.

Some gyms in Leeds offer the more aerobic style dances such as Zumba and Bokwa and the classes are free if you are a member of the gym.

images from york dance works